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Alghero / Negotin – Dossier Negotin – project initiative

The project initiative is the result of the collaboration among: Public Art & Public Space program - PaPs, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade; Department of Architecture, Design and Urbanism in Alghero, University of Sassari; Municipality of Negotin; Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - GIZ; Italian Embassy in Belgrade and Association of Italian and Serbian Scientists and Scholars  - AIS3. In the meantime, the family of participants in the project initiative has been enriched with: Comune di Alghero; Cooperativa Cantina Santa Maria la Palma; Consorzio Agriturismi di Alghero e territorio; Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade; several small wine producers and small agritourism enterprises from Negotin area. The project initiative is done by PaPs logistic and facilitation.

Alghero/Negotin - Dossier Negotin - project initiative