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In the spotlights

weAre Architettura ad Alghero!

weAre with Architettura ad Alghero, Sardegna, Italy

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012 PaPs 2014 Revival of mining landscape in Sardinia

Project supported by Public art Public space - PaPs methodology.

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Public space & Public art in the Municipality of Palilula, city of Belgrade 2014/2015

Art in Public City Spaces, Public Art Public Space engaged in training students to plan, design and implement projects to improve their public spaces deployment and (re) design using different art forms and means.

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Spazio pubblico, arte pubblica - Public space, public art

The presentation of PaPs program is held within Summer School 4-13 September 2014, Sardinia, Italy: "Sardegna, Il territorio dei luoghi, Paesaggi Culturali, Progetti per una capitale europea della Cultura 2019".

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