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Books / Public Art in Public Space

Project’s Author Zoran Đukanović
Editors of the publication Zoran Đukanović, Aleksandar Bobić, Milica Apostolović, Branislav Mihajlović, Aleksandar Đerić, Veselin Vasiljković
Reviewers Phd pfof. Darko Radović, PhD, Jelena Todorović
Design Uroš Savić
Production of text and paging Milica Apostolović, Branislav Mihajlović
Publisher ACADEMICA - Akademical group, Edition Avangarda, Belgrade
Executive publisher Veselin Vasiljković
Printing Digital Art, Belgrade
Print run: 100 copies
ISBN 978-86-88835-01-5
COBISS.SR-ID 188187148
Place and year of publishing Belgrade, 2011

 "Public Art in Public Space" is made by PaPs from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, on initiative of NGO “Academica” from city of Užice .This publication presents guideline for citizens and local government about art in public space. It describe how to use, rebuild and design public spaces. 

Umetnost u javnom prostoru - Art in Public Space