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Bogdan Bogdanović - life and work
''The City and Death''

Public Art & Public Space - PaPs, Facuty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, year 2011

Bogdan Bogdanović has built 20 monuments in the area of former Yugoslavia ( in all republics except Slovenia) Almost all of them are devoted to the victims of World War II, the fight against fascism and the socialist revolution.

He was one of the most popular Serbian writers. He wrote 18 books and published over 500 arcticles ( in journals and newspapers and so on). Many of his books have been sold with large numbers of copies and were translated into several languages.

Bogdanović was well known as a dean and a professor at  the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. as well as the founder of the ''semi private'' School of the Philosophy in Architecture in Mali Popović.

He was a corresponding member of SANU, as well as the Major of Belgrade from 1982 till 1986. Finally, it has to be mentioned that he also created some extraordinary drawings, apart from the sketches for his monuments.

Publication Bogdan Bogdanović - ''The City and Death''




Publication: Excursion Bogdan Bogdanović "The City and Death"



The results of the project have been presented at several exibitions of the students' work:


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