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Edu / 2012/2013 М31104 Elective subject 1 Master course Landscape Architecture FoF, UB

Urban Open Spaces

The subject of the work is an exploration of urban open space with a special focus on the topic of a course assignment. In this sense, the general area of research is formulated through theoretical research work in this field, and a special area of research is the development and application of previously acquired knowledge and develop skills through concrete solving various problems in accordance with the objectives of the subject, and to present a selected spatial coverage. This year's training ground (general spatial coverage) for a study of spatial-functional unit Zemun part of Belgrade, which is the subject of research.

The task is to get through the theory and practice enable students to link theoretical and practical point of action, applies modern scientific open attitude, establishing authentic methods and principles of planning and design, make its own decisions and find the original answers to the problems that arise during these processes.

The outcome of that task should be as broad a range of proposals to improve the given thematic area of research in terms of the spatial and functional checks for the development of open urban spaces and their use by clearly defining the development strategy, the application of modern planning principles in accordance with modern requirements and international best practices development related topics and/or spatial programming examples.

The project is a work in which the student connects all the acquired knowledge and skills, according to government research process, conceptualization, planning and conceptual designs applied materialization of complex urban and/or landscape units. The project is usually synthetic and comprehensive in terms of the application of acquired knowledge and skills and the development of the study. The project is presented in the form of panels, spatial imaging and text explanations and conclusions.


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